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Ever West OOC Cafe
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An OOC community for the Saiyuki RPG 'ever_west'. Invite-only.

Ever West Cafe is an OOC (out of character) community for the players in the Saiyuki RPG [info]ever_west. Players are encouraged to join EWC with either their character journal or personal journal - or both, if they wish - to keep up with admin announcements, messages from fellow players, as well as to have a place to ask questions, post memes, and generally squee or wibble about the game.

Membership to Ever West Cafe is reserved only for the characters and players in [info]ever_west. If you do not play in Ever West, please do not request to join - you will not be approved. You are more than welcome to friend both communities though, if you want to watch the public threads in the game. :)