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Ever West Cafe
because travellers have to rest some time
About Ever West Cafe
This is the OOC (out of character) community for the ever_west RPG, where players can come to contact each other, meet and greet, ask canon questions, discuss plot developments - past, current and future - and generally mess around and squee about the game.

All players are encouraged to join up and keep an eye on the community. Problems or questions of a more personal nature can be directed at the moderators of the game: teru_bozu_ebi & helliongoddess.

Cheers! :)
02 | 08 | 2012 08:57 pm - home but...
we, the usual all sorted bunch of hangers on ect, wish to inform the com and the world that the enitty formaily known as beth is still uncatigrised but currently suffering with a little set back of the trip. she will return to you all full of her usual glitter and bad spelling. we hold little hope of the gramer ever returning back to the loving fold of neglect and miss use.

laters all.
27 | 07 | 2012 09:30 am - posting issues discovered
original default
His Majesty's secretary here:

Apparently His Majesty's posting issues last night were due to the length of his post exceeding the size limit.

You see, his Majesty assumed that livejournal would inform him with the usual pop up window if his post exceeded their limit, as in the past it would pop up on the screen without delay to inform him with a character count showing just how wordy he was; however, as of now, livejournal remains mum, leaving him with no idea as to why the "add comment" button does nothing upon being pressed but look at him with a bland, detached boredom.

Livejournal did not inform His Majesty of the change. Fortunately for livejournal's employees, they are not under His Majesty's rule. Otherwise they'd be eunuchs by now.
18 | 07 | 2012 06:47 pm - forward notice.
this is to inform the world of tenkai that his grace will be taking his house hold on a small trip down blow to attend importent dragon shaped bissness.  as such they will have limeted lines of comuincation. sea snail's do take a while to get any place and no feeding them wasabi dose not help, as we have tried that. they do however make a nice tasy snack.

on the 30th of july beth will be admitted to hospital for field tests over the corce of a few days. they want to know if i'm really human as i claim and need to prod stuff then slap a lable on my ass. there might be net, it might be bad, i'm not sure yet. currently they plan to tourtcher me for about three days but its an open booking meaning they can deny my release back into the genral population and hold me up in the deep dark basement.

on the same day kerry will be hedding off to king's lynn, the fair place she plans to crullely abandon her son to fend for himself over the school brake. this means she will have limmeted net for the space of a week when she will return to we hope the loving arms of our households network. trust me the poor thing neds a brake from the amount we abuse it.

we both hope this will be enough notice of our lack of posable posting, please don't burn down the place *looks at goku and nattaku* or catch some nasty illness  *eyes kenren up for that one* and we will return to you as soon as posable. until that point expect the usual mayhem and glitter.

17 | 07 | 2012 12:42 am - a quicky
just to let people know i'v been doing a little house keeping over on the three journals and will be for the next day or so. i'v been trying to find better ways of laying things out for when you come and viset to find the hidden gems.
this also helps my over active mind and best of all (for kerry that is) keeps my ass in one spot not doing house work.
(which she is always delighted about)
24 | 06 | 2012 01:47 pm - basic floor plan
as promised this is the basic floor plan of the golden balls. expect this to change as it grows. i also am working on more detailed pitchers of the place but will take time to get up here. some parts of the pum are organic and tend to move over the night, for exsample the tables you see in the open area don't match and tend to shift along with the people. the stage is holding the karoke not a live band like other nights or what ever it might be needed for. green circles are out current people.

bar floor plan
31 | 05 | 2012 08:29 pm - time lines, the spagettie of my mind.
welcome and pull up a seat while i explain the mess you all needed to know about, everwest's time line.
well we begin with the banquet thread http://ever-west.livejournal.com/12256.html this is followed by, http://ever-west.livejournal.com/15514.html white flag of peace and later on the same night a disterbance in the pond happens, ever-west.livejournal.com/15632.html and that wraps that night up.

the next day we have kurang up to more no good while in a panic and that is found in his journal, http://ao_kuang.livejournal.com/5919.html, see some of us has plot hidden there.

one day later kickes off the moon viewing,  http://ever-west.livejournal.com/16934.html and hell comes to drink too.

kuang takes a few days to mull over what happened before wrighting home to his wife, found again in his journal http://ao-kuang.livejournal.com/6173.html. that leads us up to poor zenon being dumped big time in the hot water. all the thread before are complete.

two weeks after the moon viewing this is being kicked off, http://ever-west.livejournal.com/18158.html and leads you to the current thread active.

Next we have a time shift lots of weeks about a month or so i bleave.
kicking off the latest dragons to arrive and a new set of problems. http://ever-west.livejournal.com/16627.html into the fold.

one week later and jun is comforting the poor prince, http://ever-west.livejournal.com/16735.html (note this is incomplete and might get finished?)

jun has to leave during the interveaning months for his own wifes egg laying, on his return he finds a rather intresting intruder, http://ever-west.livejournal.com/17539.html this floating world, has shen-di making the moves on the latest intrest in his life. (again incomplete and i hope to atend to)

one week later brings a god inviting his ex over for tea, of gods and dragons http://ever-west.livejournal.com/17877.html, incomplete also.

that brings things up to date that i can tell, there might be more stuff to slip between that has happened in diffrent journals or other place, i'll check and edit. but the main bones is there for you. i hope this helps you all *grins*.
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